Making Rocky Smile


Harllie Stevenson, Editor in Chief

Today on April 8, 2021 two freshmen at Rocky Mountain High School decided to spread some kindness. They made a poster that said “Free Smiles” with a heart and some slips students can rip off and take that have a smile on them! They got them approved and hung them up around school, in the hopes it will make people smile.

Mackenzie Brown, the freshman who made the posters, said her inspiration for this project came from Tik Tok.

“I was sitting in my room, browsing Tik Tok and I saw this one

where this lady was spreading kindness and I just thought ‘it’s the last day of the quarter, why not’, so I made the posters.”

“And then this morning, I checked my phone and [Mackenzie] was like, ‘come to school early, I have such a good idea’ and we got to school, and we went around putting them up,” said Brown’s friend, Ella Baros.

“[Kindness] is always important,” said Baros.

“The smile thing is really important because you can’t see anyone’s smiles anymore,” added Brown.

“If there wasn’t kindness, if wouldn’t be fun to be around anybody, because there wouldn’t be that love or camaraderie or the joy of being around people because there wouldn’t be anything good to think about,” said Baros.

“This is going to super dumb, but just hanging up the posters made me in a better mood,” said Brown.

Rocky is so grateful for these girls and their effort to create kindness and joy for the school! Those posters sure did put a smile on people’s faces.