March Madness Mania


Cole Christensen, Reporter

March madness is one of the most entertaining sporting events of the year. It is held every year from the middle of March to April. The 64 top ranked college basketball teams participate in a single elimination game tournament. The games are nerve wracking, exciting, and emotional. Many fans leave the tournament heartbroken. Only one team comes out in the end. This year because of the pandemic there are restrictions on the capacity of stadiums. This will take away from energy because there are a lot less fans. The fans are a key part because of the excitement they bring to the tournament. March Madness can keep anyone on the edge of their seat whether they watch basketball or not. 

Every year before the tournament starts anyone can make a bracket where they do their best to predict the results of the tournament. There are many different apps where you can do this. A lot of people compete with their friends for money and prizes or just for fun. Alsoevery year, many companies offer a lot of money to anyone who gets a perfect bracket. This may seem in reach but surprisingly no one has ever even come close. The chances of a perfect bracket are slim to none.

Jacob Bush, a former West Ada student who he thinks will win the tournament, said, “I think that Gonzaga has a good chance.”

Gonzaga is ranked number one this year, so that is highly probable. 

This year it is going to be very different though because of the pandemic. There will be limited fans and at some stadiums, there are no fans. This will not stop the competition from being very extreme though. March Madness is full of young college athletes who want to make a name for themselves so they can be drafted to the NBA. This may affect the teams because they will have a lack of energy from the fans may result in more upsets or surprising outcomes. 

The Rocky Roar asked a few college basketball fans about their past bracket experiences. Mikey Filmore was one of them. He is a former college basketball player.

Filmore said, “I’ve won a few tournaments against my friends, but my bracket was till nowhere near perfect.”

This is quite a common case considering no one has ever achieved a perfect bracket.  

Another high school player who lives in Utah, named Zac Heuvel, said ,“Michigan’s winning it all. I know that for a fact. They got the most talent and chemistry.”

Everyone has different views on who they see winning. This is what makes March Madness fun. The competition with peers is one of the most entertaining parts of this month. 

Overall, March Madness will be mania. Everyone should watch it. You will be entertained; that is a promise. If you have nothing to do, be sure to tune in and watch the battle of these college teams compete for the championship.