Cole Roberts Hits It Out of the Ballpark

Kaylynn Tavernier, Web Manager

Cole Roberts is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School who also plays baseball. Roberts said, “I’ve been playing baseball my entire life, pretty much since t-ball when I was like three or four whatever and I decided to play baseball here at Rocky because you know I have a passion for baseball, and I wanted to continue that and play for my high school.”  

Some people have lived up to their dreams when they were little kids. Robert said, “I would have I would say like two, I would say two I’ve got pictures of me hitting like a whiffle ball with my dad in my living room when I’m like two years old running around in the diaper.”  

Some sports have good life skills that stick with the player for a lifetime. Roberts said, “Well obviously there’s a lot of athletic skills that you would learn from playing a sport, but I also learned a lot about leadership, and accountability and other just important life lessons that you can learn through baseball is teamwork.”  

Each player has different reasons why they joined a team.

“First and foremost was just camaraderie, like friendship right I mean as teammates you know we enjoy being together and hanging out together and number two is, I guess kind of goes along with that is winning together right. I think that there’s no better feeling than working together as a team to come to like a victory together and in a big sport like baseball there’s a lot of independent opportunities to do good things and when you bring it all together as a team, it’s just that much more exciting, and then three. I like being part of the team because you can just count on each other for things. You know I if I’m pitching, I can count on my field to make a make a play or if I’m hitting, I can count on my guys in the dugout to, you know, get me in the right state of mind.”  

Most players have one thing on their mind and that is to win. Roberts said, “The opportunity to win, for me at least it’s as simple as that I, I am very competitive. I’ve always has been a lot of people who are in athletics are competitive and for me I compete to win you know I’m not out there. Yes, I’m out there to have fun but I’m there to win.”

“I try and keep up with kind of what’s going on with the popular culture and the songs that are like the hype songs of the times, but I had to pick one, I’m going to go ‘Wicked’.”  

Roberts shared his thoughts on what makes a good team captain: “Well obviously, they got to have leadership qualities. Justin was on the team too. You got to have good leadership qualities. You got to be understanding and empathetic, a lot of people overlook those qualities in a leader. Being able to understand and relate to the people who you are leading is important. Back to accountability, you got to be accountable for yourself first, and then holding others accountable is the primary goal of being a leader, and in a team environment.”  

Roberts also shared the value of eating a good meal before a game: “I work for Bruchi’s sandwich shop, go there, eat their pre best pregame. They’ve got salads, they’ve got water, they got everything. I would just say Bruchi’s sandwich. That’s a place to go for that pre and post meal.”