What Do Students Think of School – Full-time?


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Abigail Wilson, Editor in Chef

For about 5 months now, students in the West Ada District have been doing a different type of school. The hybrid learning system consists of an all-day remote learning Monday, and then team 1 and team 2 going every other day. But now, on March 29, all West Ada schools went back to fulltime, everyday learning. Students everywhere got ready to be up and at school for 4 days a week at 7:45 a.m. sharp. Most kids were not thrilled about this happening, considering that they have been going to school for 2 days a week for a long time. But what do the kids at Rocky think about this new and big transition? 

Morgan Taylor, a junior here at Rocky, gave some of her thorough thoughts on going back to school full time: “I don’t like the idea of going back to school full time right now. I think it was unfair to spring this upon students all of a sudden after only going for 2 times a week. I feel we should’ve started full time at the beginning of next year as a fresh start. 

Taylor thinks bringing everyone back to school right now is just “not fair for the students.” She also believes that it’s not smart to bring everyone back until everyone is able to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

I don’t feel we should be going back to school every day right now partly because none of the students have been vaccinated. The teachers are vaccinated and safe, but the students are not and going back full time puts us all at risk.” 

Risk is a big factor to making the decision if it is the right time for students to come back fulltime. Some students, like Taylor don’t feel safe coming back yet. 

I really don’t feel safe going back to school, this school is already crowded as it is with only half the students, but it will be packed with all the students.”

Taylor is just one of many students who was not ready for the big change and transition of going back to school full-time. 

Another student who gave their opinion of full-time school was junior Karah Revermann. 

“I feel like it’s just so late in the school year to be trying to go back every day because everyone has gotten so used to going 2 times a week, so I think it’s kind of a joke they are just now making us go back.” 

Revermann strongly believes that going back to school now is “just not right.”

Revermann thinks that “it being this late into the school year and knowing that students are about to go into fourth quarter already seems like too late to go back.”

She does state that, I think it’s fine if everyone’s not vaccinated cause honestly, I don’t think it’s going to make a difference.” 

Revermann does not believe the vaccine will help the cases go up or down or help the students feel more comfortable with going back into school full time.

“I would stick with hybrid learning because it gives more free time to hang with friends and work so I can actually make money instead of sit in a classroom all day.”

Revermann believes the school should stick with what they have going on now, instead of trying to make students go through another harder and tougher transition back into school full-time. 

This will continue to be a huge change and adjustment for everyone, parents, students, and teachers too. Rocky is finally back to its full capacity after a year of social distancing. Still, the pandemic is still proceeding, and caution still does need to be taken. But the school will be back together and ready to battle the pandemic; Rocky strong and together!