You Are What You Listen To: Rocky’s Music Preferences

Rezon Gashi, Editor

Music is a form of art that affects many people’s lives. It is one of the most used art forms in the whole world, with millions of listeners daily. This is especially prominent in Rocky Mountain High School. The Grizzlies can be seen with earbuds in for most of their days, and many have reported that the music they listen to affects their mood.

Hip hop and rap were both reported as the most-listened-to genres at Rocky Mountain High School. Rap is defined as a style of music with a rhythmic beat and rhyming phrases. Hip-hop is one of the most well-known genres and is especially appealing to the younger generation, as some of it is seen as rebellious and exciting.

Nathan Pchelka, a sophomore at Rocky, said, “It fills the boredom a lot,” when asked about how music affects his life.

The fast-paced story telling helps a reader get hooked, and many people report rap songs to be stuck in their head throughout the day. Pchelka’s favorite artist is Kaan, an artist from Maryland who is known for his fast and choppy style of rapping.

Rap can have many forms such as drill rap, soft rap, and psychedelic rap. Each form is unique and influences different types of listeners. Some students have reported that rap music has influenced their sense of style and the slang that they use as well.

The next most popular genre of music at Rocky is pop. Pop is fast-paced, high-pitched music that really connects to the students of Rocky. Pop is very popular among radio stations because it is not overly explicit and often is enjoyable for all ages.

Sadie Rex, a junior at Rocky, said that “Olivia Rodrigo is [her] favorite pop artist.” Rex also said that she “can relate” to some of the lyrics in the songs.

The next most popular music genre is R & B. It is a combination of blues music, as well as smooth wordplay. R&B is one of the most culturally rich genres in the United States. It was primarily influenced by African American culture. Overall, there is a big reason why it is one of the most popular genres.

Rocky Mountain High School is a very musically and culturally diverse school. It is amazing to see how music affects the lives of so many students that go here.