Rocky Christmas Guide 2021

Alex Orchard, Reporter

The holidays can be overwhelming at times, but what better solution than to already have a plan for this Christmas? Through polls, surveys, and research, the ultimate Christmas Guide is here. With information covering activities, gifts to get, and other festive ideas for this season.  

During holiday break, there are so many options to choose from for activities. One of the most popular ideas is the Scentsy Lights. They set them up every year and they take place on the Scentsy property right outside of their office building. It is on Eagle Road in Meridian, down the road from Krispy Cream donuts. The Scentsy Lights have a tunnel of lights, refreshments, a choir singing, and a nativity scene. 

Another one of the most popular places to visit is in The Village shopping center in Meridian. In the center of The Village in front of the movie theater, they set up a lot of Christmas decorations. They have an ice-skating rink, lights with a water show, and a place to meet Santa and ask for toys. Though there is always enough time to go to the Christmas lights, there is a time crunch on the popular gifts of this year. 

The top gifts sell out first, so finding them quickly is a priority. Although a gift may be in the top ten, it won’t mean that it’ll be the perfect present for whoever. A present is a personal gift selected for a person from their interests and their likes, though many stores can make suggestions for the most purchased items. Some include a personal charging hub, moon lamp, makeup mini fridge, and also a professional printing 3D pen. There will always be amazing online stores to help purchase presents though, like Amazon and others. 

 If there is still trouble finding the perfect gift, Rocky senior Jack Mace said that for Christmas he wants “Bay Blades, Skylanders, and Taylor Swift’s album Speak Now.” 

Shopping and finding the right gift for someone is difficult and time-consuming, as well as finding the right activity to do for the Christmas times. So always remember to turn to the Ultimate Christmas guide for that information during these overwhelming holiday times.