Will Prom 2021 Happen?


Alexis Cox, Reporter

Prom is a wonderful, exciting thing to go to; some like it, some do not. Getting to dress up and look all nice for one night could feel special, as well as going with a group of friends or a date. Last year for Prom 2020, Rocky Mountain High School was going to have prom in The Village. Unfortunately that did not happen due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The seniors of 2020 did not get a prom. The real question is will 2021 be the same as 2020?

Students at Rocky are divided on if they think prom will happen this year.

“I think prom will happen this year because the Covid-19 cases have died down and the curve is flattening, plus they let the students come back full time so I don’t see why they wouldn’t have a prom,” said senior Ruby Thomas.

When asked if she was upset that prom got canceled last year, Thomas said, “Yes because I did a big thing for [a friend] then the [next day] they cancelled it.”

Thomas continued, “[Prom] will probably be at the school this year and I don’t really care for a prom that is at the school. I only wanted to go last year because it was at The Village. I don’t really care for prom much because of how much the tickets cost…if they cost less, I would be more willing to go.”

This year if there is a prom, would it be a formal event or would it be a casual event?

Rocky’s vice principal Mr. Jason Dransfield said, “The last I heard, there will not be a prom, but things may change sometimes. A lot depends on what the other schools are doing and if they do it, then we might too.”

Will prom happen this year? The students of Rocky still don’t know; it might happen, it might not. All we know is that if other schools do a prom, Rocky might also get to have it too.