Humans of Rocky: Abigail

      Middle school can be a very scary time for new students. Transitioning from having one class a day with the same kids, to having multiple classes a day with different kids can be very stressful and scary, especially when you don’t know anybody. Abigail Wilson is a junior at rocky mountain high school. I asked her to tell me a time where she felt the most vulnerable. She said, “Probably when I first came to school here after moving from Alaska. The first day of 8th grade I knew no one, and I was super scared and super terrified because I knew no one and had no friends, and I just felt all by myself and vulnerable.”  

    There are some kids who are very extroverted and make new friend easily, they tend to not be so stressed about starting a new school. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are introverted and find it hard to make friends easily. I asked Abigail how she felt in this moment and this is what she said. “very sad and very stressed to because I didn’t know what to do because I was in a brand new school with no friends, not knowing anyone, and it was a bigger school than I was used to so I was just super stressed in that moment. Some people wouldn’t change or get rid of that moment because it can shape them to who they are today. Abigail said, “I would go through it again but make different changes. I would try to go and approach people and talk to more people and make more friends on my first day and not be so scared and worried about it. “