Spring Excitements

What is Rock’s spring going to look like?
Spring Excitements

It’s January and we are getting a lot closer to spring and all the fun it brings. In Spring there are lots of different types of fun things that will be happening.

Two students from Rocky Mountain were interviewed about what they are excited about for spring. During spring there are a lot of different sports playing and fun activities.

Hannah Hekking (grade 10) said, “I am really looking forward to baseball games, I went to some last year and they were super fun and can’t wait for the ones this year!”

This shows how sports can be fun for students to watch and play.

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Hailey Hekking (grade 12), “I am super excited about Easter because I just like the holiday and my graduation trip, I am going to Disney land and Paris, I can’t wait.”

The closer we get to spring the closer seniors are to graduating and their families are taking them on trips all over the world. As an example, some may be going to Paris, London Mexico all sorts of places. Lots of rocky students cant wait for the warmer weather and the other things that spring brings. The closer we get to spring the more excited rocky gets for al these fun events. You should also start thinking about what you are excited for is it be a sports game or the holidays or maybe even a trip.

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