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Student section etiquette
Reagan Morin
Rocky Mountains student section cheering mid game

Rocky Mountain student sections are always fun. As a student population though, we need to make sure we are being as safe and respectful as possible.

One thing that occurs in almost every student section around the world is disrespectful chants. Boys and girls might start calling the other team out or directing certain chants to certain players on the field. Some of these things consist of shaming them or being very rude. This doesn’t show good for rocky, so we need to make sure we stay respectful to both teams, all players, and the refs and coaches.

Another thing that’s been happening in the Football stands for football is crowd surfing. This sounds crazy right! It’s true though, many kids, including middle schoolers have been crowd surfing at our football games. Now yes this is really fun, and makes good memories, but we have to keep in mind to be safe and not disrupt anyone around. You don’t want to get kicked in the face by a 7th grader who’s getting carried through the air, so let’s try our best to show our student section etiquette.

Jacks Allen, (7th grader at heritage) is one of the regular kids that crowd surfs the football games, he said, “I had never gotten dropped but when I got toward the back of the student section and had to move down because I almost fell of the back. I got crowd surfed for a solid 15-20 seconds”.

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Something that’s not super fun at all though is getting water or soda splashed over you. Some people find it funny to open waters and sodas they buy at the food stands and throw them at people below them in the stands. This can create many problems for everyone. People can slip, get stuff in their eyes, get mad because it got on their clothes, etc. There have even been times when people start fighting because someone threw a drink on them.

Freshman, Ruby Wagnor said, “At the first football game I was sitting with my friends, and someone asked me if I wanted a coke, and then they dumped it on my head and ran away, and I still don’t know who it was”. As a school we need to take in account of what is appropriate and not, it is pretty common sense to know dump soda on a person’s head, yet it still happens every game.

Freshman, Jackson Williams said, “At one of the football games someone had a bag of flour, and they threw it everywhere. It was so hard to breath I started suffocating haha”.

Senior, Zack Seeger said, “Some kid was crowd surfing an almost got throw over the edge at the back of the student section, same with people on people’s shoulders in the student section.

As being older than middle schoolers, we highschoolers need to set the prime example of what to do and how to act. Younger kids look up to us so if we show off bad examples of things they will follow in the same direction. In our student sections we just need to remember to be respectful and use common sense in what you do.

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About the Contributor
Reagan Morin
Reagan Morin, Reporter
Reagan Morin is a sophomore at Rocky Mountain high school. She plays on the varsity soccer team, this is her 2nd year on the newspaper team. Reagan can't wait to learn more about writing this year and meeting new people.

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    Evan McCallOct 5, 2023 at 7:59 am

    Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that can go wrong when crowd surfing, especially near the back of the student section. The last thing we want is for some kid to get badly hurt while he just wanted to have fun.