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Amathist birthstone in front and some other birthstones and other gems around it.

What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what birthstone yours is? Or what it can tell you about yourself? Well, this article will be describing what birthstones are, and if you relate to yours.


Birthstones are a gemstone that is associated with the month you were born. Some people believe that you act like or symbolize your birthstone. Some people just think they are pretty gems. And then lastly some people don’t think there is anything special in them other than a rock. Continue reading to learn more about birthstone and what they mean to you.

About birthstones (Charli Pierson )

Now Isa Moreno- a 9th grader here at Rocky describes what her birthstone is, if she believes in what it symbolizes, and if she relates to hers. For reference her birthstone is a peridot. “Yes, I guess I am like my birthstone because I am very peaceful with my friends and with other people because I very kind towards them and others and I’m very strong when someone is mean to me or my friends because I am very protective towards others and my friends. I keep my life balanced and healthy because I go workout at the gym and stuff. Now if I believe in that stuff? Well, I think it kind of depends because sometimes it can be accurate and sometimes it can’t, but it just depends on the person.” So as Isa explained, she is like her birthstone, but that does not mean its fully accurate.

Next, Brodie Pierson- another 9th grader another student at Rocky describes his birthstone which is a sapphire, and his opinion towards it.  “Yeah, I would say I match up to all of the things said about sapphires. Like I think I’m smart, and I’m trustworthy and can keep a secret, and I think I’m also pretty loyal. But even though I am all those traits, I don’t believe in any of it because it’s not 100% accurate for everyone and I don’t think a rock can’t choose your fate.” Like Isa’s they both say they are not 100% but they do seem to be accurate for both of them. Even though that is true, it does not mean it’s true for everyone.

Maggie Urian- another 9th grader, maybe will have different thoughts. Her birthstone is also a sapphire. “I see myself being a faithful, truthful, and loyal friend, but I don’t think that influenced my personality, I think it was the way I was raised, not based off of a birthstone”. Overall, Maggie, just like Isa and Brodie, don’t think birthstones choose how you are going to be as a person.

Hailey Soto- another 9th grader has a different opinion than the others. Her birthstone is a opal. “I don’t have the same thoughts as my birthstone says I will have because I don’t believe in good luck because everything happens for a reason. Everyone has a choice to make decisions and it will alter how their life will turn out and of course there are situations which are out of our control, but everyone does actions that will lead up to what happens weather they are good or bad. Luck is something we as humans’ ling onto like a superstition to make ourselves feels better about the result of outcomes in our lives. And it isn’t bad to believe in but me personally I believe it is all in our head. So, I don’t believe in birthstones and that they tell you what type of a person you will be because like I said with good luck, I think it’s just all in people’s heads, it’s not accurate, it’s just a coincidence.” So overall Hailey doesn’t believe in any of that, and that it can just be a coincidence because it wasn’t accurate for her.

Overall, hopefully you learned something new about birthstones even if you don’t believe in it. It can be fun sometimes to learn about these things to see if it’s true about yourself, even if it isn’t accurate. It can be a fun thing to search up, but it doesn’t mean it’s real.

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