Rocky Frisbee (basically) State Champs


Ryan Tucker

An Ultimate Frisbee

Ryan Tucker, Reporter

After an up-and-down season, Rocky Frisbee closed the season in the best way possible by beating Eagle in the Boise Ultimate Scene Youth Championship on May 1. This, however, is basically a state championship, as most, if not all, of high school teams in Idaho compete in this league, including Canyon Ridge High School from Twin Falls, Eagle, Centennial, and Boise.

How did Rocky get themselves into this position? Well, first off, they split into a varsity team and a JV team. For most of the year, Rocky had been playing games split into two even teams, not a varsity and JV team. In preparation for the tournament, they created a varsity and a JV team.

Secondly, they played well in the pool play bracket. Prior to May 1, on April 24, the league split teams into pools of 3 teams each. By having the largest point differential of all the teams, Rocky got the 1 seed in the tournament. This allowed them to steamroll Boise twice on their way to the championship game.

The game, much like the season for Rocky, got off to a lackluster start. Eagle jumped out to a 5-2 lead, and momentum seemed to be on their side. However, a few key plays started the beginnings of a comeback for Rocky. Rocky started scoring and kept scoring, until the game was won.

Regardless, how the game was won is less important than the outcome of the actual game. At the end of the day, one team scored 10 points and the other scored 9, Rocky the former and Eagle the latter.

Lots of players made big plays in the biggest situation. One of them, freshman Ethan Clark, caught a bobbled pass downfield off a deflection from an Eagle player. Said Clark about the play, “At first, I thought I wasn’t going to get because it looked like the defender was going to swat it away from me. As soon as I saw it, I got full of adrenaline and instinctively went for it. I wasn’t thinking about it, I just went for it and made it happen, and kept going from there.” Other players with big plays included Ethan Miller, who had a full-extension layout (diving attempt to catch a disc) in the end zone for a point, and David Elton, who went up in single coverage and pulled down a contested disc.

Overall, the game went well for all players. Said Clark, “It was a great game, very stressful in a good way. Very competitive and everyone played well. Kept our spirits high and also kept the points high. Crazy comeback, too.”

Fellow freshman Carson Kelley, a member of Rocky’s JV team, was on the sidelines throughout the whole game. “It was a very intense game, and it was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever watched, mainly because of what was at stake: The state championship,” said Kelley. “I was cheering the whole time and trying to support the team the whole time, and celebrating every point and good pass.”

Both players have a positive outlook on next season. Ethan Clark said, “I’m so looking forward to next season. We’re going to fight again and hold on to our throne. It’ll be a fun year.”

Carson Kelley said, “I’m hoping that the varsity has taught the JV enough that we can progress and continue to win state for as long as possible. I hope that next year we’ll get more people, specifically freshmen, to come play.”

Rocky Frisbee successfully reached their lofty goals of winning a state championship. After an incredible season, they now turn their attention on defending their title.